Acceptable types of documents

To verify your identity, we’ll need a photocopy of a valid, government issued Identity Document (ID) and your Proof of Address.

Valid Passport Utility Bill - gas, electric, water, phone, internet
Valid Driver's License Bank Statement
This ID should be valid and not expired. We need to see all four corners of the document and ensure that the images are clear. Please do not cover any part of the image This must be issued within the last 3 months. It also needs to include your full name, your current residential address, the issue date, company logo

Note that you are required to provide us with photocopies of the above-mentioned documents for verification purposes in readable qualityThe documents must not be digitally edited or cropped. ID or Driver License must display full names.

If you were requested to provide us with documents, you can do it using one of the following links:

Please note that there is no need to send us your documents if we haven’t requested them from you yet.

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