I have an issue logging in, what should I do?

Forgot your password or username and can’t log in? It happens to all of us! Do not worry, just follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Forgotten Password on the right-upper corner of the web site.
  2. The pop-up will appear to you so make sure to enable your pop-up notifications in browser!
  3. Fill all the required fields in one of the boxes depending on your case (Forgotten Password or Username).
  4. Click on Submit.

*** Make sure to enter an email address that you’ve registered in your account with us. ***

Once that is done, you will receive an automatic email with a temporary password, which you can use to log-in. 

You will be asked to type-in your old password and to create a new one (more personal and easier to remember). In the field of "Old Password", simply write down the temporary one received in the automatic email from us. 

Be aware

your account will get a security lock if you enter the wrong password too many times - if this happens please contact our support representatives and they will assist you with this.

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